What is it?

The Appointment Planner Tool is a customizable and printable tool to help caregivers and people receiving care prepare for upcoming medical appointments. Within this tool are before, during, and after appointment checklists with tasks to complete at these different stages.

How can it help me?

Many patients and caregivers struggle to achieve good communication with their healthcare provider. This tool helps improve communication with healthcare providers by encouraging preparation before entering an appointment. 

interRAI Check-Up Assessment

The Check-Up Assessment is a questionnaire about health and wellbeing. It’s an opportunity to self-assess personal health needs or assess the health needs of someone being cared for. It was developed by interRAI for use in home care and community settings. 

 It helps inform healthcare providers about thinking and communication abilities, mood, social interactions, feelings of loneliness, physical functioning, pre-existing health conditions, and recent use of health services. 


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Tips for Communicating with Healthcare Professionals