Home Care Teams


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What is a home care team?

Home care is often provided by a team of health care providers. Each health care provider has unique skills, knowledge, roles, and responsibilities, working together to provide comprehensive care.

Potential benefits of home care teams:

  • Care can be received for different needs
  • Complex patients have their needs addressed by various providers with special training
  • A larger care team can offer comprehensive support (physical, mental, emotional) for the person receiving care

Watch the video below to learn about the members of Ruth and Daniel’s care team.


  • Ruth is a 71-year old woman who lives alone at home. Her son Daniel lives close-by and helps care for her.
  • Ruth and Daniel meet with a Care Coordinator from a home care agency. The Care Coordinator assigns Ruth an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Community Nurse, and Personal Support Worker.
  • Ruth receives care from these providers in her home so she is able to live safely with help from her son.

In the next article you can create a custom list of the members of your home care team, or just learn about the various home care providers and what they do.

My Home Care Team

It can be overwhelming to keep track of who is providing care, what their roles are, and knowing what to expect when care is provided.

Follow Ruth and Daniel's home care journey in the video below to learn about the members of their care team.


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