What is home care? 

Many people needing health care services prefer to stay close to family and friends in a familiar and comfortable environment, rather than moving into an assisted living or long-term care home.

Who provides home care?

Home care services are funded publicly (typically no personal costs) and privately (paid additional services).

Publicly-funded home care services are offered by provinces and territories. Individuals must qualify to receive these supports. While all provinces and territories offer home care services, coverage may vary.

Private-pay home care services are provided by for-profit home care agencies. These services are offered to those needing additional care that is paid-out-of-pocket.


Why is care provided in homes?

There are many reasons for someone to require home care services. Home care programs can help people recover from short-term (acute) conditions, manage long-term (chronic) conditions, and deliver specialized services such as end-of-life care.

For example:

  • Individuals who have been recently hospitalized with an illness and have not fully recovered
  • Individuals with a medical issue their doctor would like to treat in the community to avoid hospitalization
  • Individuals that require support with personal care to remain in their home

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