Get To Know Me

What is it?

The Get to Know Me tool is a customizable and printable form that can be displayed in the home. Home care providers can reference it to learn about the interests, needs, and care preferences of the person receiving care. 

How can it help me?

Developing positive relationships with home care providers can bring comfort and ease of mind to caregivers and people receiving care. The Get to Know Me tool quickly acquaints new and unfamiliar care providers with the abilities, needs, and preferences of the person they are providing care for. This also helps care providers become familiar with a person’s health baseline.

For example:

My greatest accomplishment is:

Serving my country as a nurse overseas in WW2


My favourite hobby (past or present) is:

Painting watercolour landscapes


When receiving care, I appreciate when:

I am given a chance to complete a task on my own before offered help


On a bad day, I may need help with:

Transferring in and out of bed and getting out of my chair

Tool: Get To Know Me